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Quality Commitment

At Moodiez we want you to have a guaranteed safe and effective way to care for your skin. Many mainstream beauty products contain low vibrational ingredients like harmful chemicals, preservatives and GMOs. These ingredients may block our skin from doing what nature intended which is very hazardous! We intend to let nature do all the healing!


We think you deserve better.


Your skin + Your mood

Just like our intestines, the skin is also extremely important in retaining good health. The epidermis is the most active and absorbent organ in our bodies and it is constantly sending messages about our health! Symptoms can include break outs, oil secretion, and getting dry or flaky. We are here to help you find the peaceful balance that your skin has long been craving for. No chemicals, no mystery ingredients and no worries!


By letting us care for your skin, we are helping you to increase your overall confidence level, lessening your carbon footprint and promoting a positive emotional state which will increase your self-assurance and balance your many moods.


  • eco-friendly

  • cruelty-free

  • locally sourced

  • organic

  • vegan



  • Holistic living

  • Ayurveda teachings.

  • Whole body healing

  • Zero waste lifestyle 


We believe that people can build a sustainable foundation for healthy skin and maintain a solid balance by using the right practices and products. We encourage this natural lifestyle transformation so you can gain a wholesome attitude towards your appearance, health and overall lifestyle!

Get ready for a shift in your confidence level!



What causes skin imbalances?

  • bad life style choices

    • (consuming alcohol/smoking)

  • harmful skin care routines

    • (chemicals, GMOs, preservatives)

  • poor diet or hygiene

  • little to no exercise

  • relationships

  • chosen profession


All these things have potential to create psychical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.  This imbalance makes us more susceptible to disease and lowers confidence levels.

Why Moodiez?

We don't just care for your skin, we care for your mind and spirit as well. We think it's important to integrate our natural products into your self-care routines in order to create a more alkaline environment for your mind, body and spirit to thrive! We fully encourage a more holistic approach to wellness, starting with your skin! Our number one goal is to keep you happy, healthy and more emotionally balanced. We promote a healthy self-care routine through hot baths, face masks, and strong detoxes!

When you shop with Moodiez, you will support small business owners, bring money to local communities and get products free from harmful ingredients! With us you get freshly made, handcrafted skin care treatments that are made with a lot of love and care.

Shop with us today and let us heal you from the inside and out!

Each product is carefully handcrafted by: Payton Wood (pictured below)