Used if you are trying to dig into something new and out of your element!

Over 15 uses per jar! 40ml. Great for traveling!

Made with:
Sea Clay, Seaweed, Kelp, Tulsi Powder, Vitamin E, Kaolin Clay

Sea Clay
Dead Sea Clay absorbs excess oils, dirt, and impurities from the skin while purifying and cleansing. It tightens and tones skin and reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Offers superior hydration as well as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. If you love what the ocean does for your hair, just wait until you see what it can do for your skin. Seaweed, sea kelp, and algae offer superior hydration as well as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits

Kaolin Clay
It is our magical bonding agent that pulls all these ingredients in for a tight hug! Guaranteed to draw impurities from the skin and leave you feeling smooth and nourished!

Vitamin E
It works to block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process. If we can fight off free radicals, then we can reduce wrinkles and create a more youthful complextion.

Curious Mask


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